Beef Quality Control in Australia

Food quality control has become vital in the modern world and Australia’s red meat industry has a much-envied international reputation for food safety. However, food safety and animal disease issues overseas mean our customers want greater assurances on the safety of the food they eat.

Asian consumers are demanding superior standards of food safety, hygeine and food quality. The Asian consumers perception of food safety is driven by the ability to trace the meat products back to their property of origin. Japenese retailers have recongised this and domestic traceback systems for Japanese beef mean that individual meat packages can be traced by the consumer writting down an individual identification number that is printed on each packet of meat, and then they can search for the history of the meat on an in-store internet. From this the shoppers can see the sex of the animal, the age of the animal and even the phone number and address of the feedlot and the abbattoir that the animal was processed.

The Australian system is designed to provide the information and regulation needed for consumers to be confident that the products they purchase have been under strict control at all stages of production. This is a comprehensive system, involving all aspects of the industry, including State and Territory Governments, producers and retailers.

More detailed information and help for producers wanting to implement this system are available here.

Central to this system are government issued Property Identification Code (PIC) numbers printed on all cattle tailtags and (radio frequency identification 'RFID' or 'NLIS' ) approved cattle eartags, allowing animals to be traced at all stages. The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is Australia's system for identifying and tracking beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats. Cattle, sheep and goat producers are required by law to have a PIC for the properties on which they graze livestock.

Using the Property Identification Code as a base, Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) is a new on-farm food safety certification program designed to help the red meat industry strengthen the food safety systems currently in place and is being implemented by Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA).

Further quality control measures; auditing, consulting, training and advisory services are provided in the Meat and Livestock industry by AUS-MEAT Commercial Services including;

  • Development and management of Standards for Industry Quality Management Programs.
  • Auditing of producers and processors against the Industry Standards and relevant codes of practice.
  • Provision of training programs for operatives working in Industry Accreditation programs.
  • Providing advice and Consultancy Services to assist individual enterprises with the development and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems.
  • Producing high quality publications covering all aspects of livestock and meat quality.

Consumers can be confident that this comprehensive, detailed quality assurance provides them with the best possible quality in Australian products.

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